How to promote Instagram for free

How to promote Instagram for freeTimes change. If earlier children dreamed of becoming doctors and astronauts, now any child wants to become a blogger. After all, blogging on Instagram is one of the most popular and easy ways to make money. If you are charismatic, fun and outgoing, and full of ideas for creating unique content, this is definitely your way to make money. However, to generate lucrative Instagram income, your account needs to have over a thousand followers.

Suppose you created an account and regularly post high-quality photos and videos, but something doesn’t follow you, and companies are in no hurry to contact you for cooperation. Popular actors, musicians, athletes and other media persons have no problems acquiring followers, but “mere mortals” have to come up with other ways to promote Instagram.

How to promote Instagram

To promote Instagram and at the same time not be blocked by the Instagram administration, you must follow simple rules.

Many budding bloggers use mass following and massliking. This can be done using apps that subscribe, watch stories, comment on posts and like photos of random accounts. Therefore, it is important to find programs that can cheat real profiles, not bots.

When choosing an application, you need to choose a company that will wind up living, not «dead souls», like Gogol’s. If you want to make money on your account, then you need a live audience that will actively track and like your publications, repost posts and leave comments, and also buy products that you will advertise.

The first rule for boosting an account on Instagram is to leave hashtags and geolocation under each post. Bots work with hashtags, form a customer base and determine target audience. Hashtags help you gain more followers, draw attention to your profile or a specific post, and help you differentiate your account from a million others.

Remember that you cannot leave more than 30 hashtags under a post, otherwise the Instagram administration may block your account for spam. Better to limit yourself to 15–20 hashtags.

Be careful when cheating your account to avoid blocking. Excessive zeal will result in the profile being perceived as spam and the page being blocked. Remember, that:

Don’t subscribe to more than 1,000 profiles per day
Do not put more than 2000 likes per day.
leave no more than 14 comments per hour with an interval of 500 seconds.